Liquid Nano Tint For KC Homes And Businesses






Liquid Nano Tint is a solar control product that works like a film but is unlike any other product available on the market today.  What makes this product so effective for your Kansas City home or commercial space is the fact that it can be applied where films cannot because of its unique application process. A solvent-borne 10 microns thick, self-leveling clear coat, this product is applied by either painting or spraying onto surfaces.  It bonds directly to glass and polycarbonate for lasting protection. While it is wonderful for single-pane glass, it also is one of the only sun control products specifically designed for surfaces that cannot take film: bent glass, historic building windows, skylights, and textured glass surfaces included. Although technically not a film product it performs precisely the same way on windows of all types of Kansas City structures

Since Nano Tint is so cost-effective the ROI comes fast–making this product well worth the expense.  Also, a trusted industry leader, it comes with standard 10-year warranty and won’t peel, chip or crack. Plus it is environmentally friendly, with no continued off-gassing after it has dried.








With its ease of installation and unique qualities, Liquid Nano tint is versatile and great for a variety of areas of application in KC:

  • Commercial glass
  • Residential glass
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Polycarbonate materials
  • Skylights
  • Historical glass
  • Glass with films already applied

For more information on Liquid Nano Tint for your Kansas City home or business, contact us at Window Tint Kansas City today!