The “stay at home orders” are finally coming to an end, but is your Kansas City business ready to re-open? As local businesses are allowed to re-open to the public, they will need to meticulously implement a new array of health and safety procedures. Improper implementation of these procedures could potentially lead to the cultivation of safety hazards, postponing business operations and even render your Kansas City business liable to future law suits. We are here to tell you that a safe and compliant business operation can be achieved with minimal effort. Our new safety evaluations and social distancing graphics can help your business protect our Kansas City community, comply with new regulations, and limit liability.

Give Your Kansas City Organization the Advantage

If you have a Kansas City business that is looking to re-open, you understand how vital it is to make sure your business is compliant with all new safety orders. Luckily, our safety solutions can make it a snap, and allow your business to focus on getting back on its feet. Our safety evaluations are quick and thorough, allowing us to seamlessly develop a safety plan for your organization. Once a plan is in place, our social distancing and safety graphics can be rapidly installed throughout your business to enforce safety procedures. Our graphics are 100% customizable, extremely durable, and can be installed or removed from virtually any surface, including wood, concrete, carpet, metal, glass, and so much more. Safely operating your business during COVID-19 does not have to be difficult.

Bathroom, Hand Washing Reminders:


Directional Graphics For Aisles and Walkways:

Comply with safety regulations by clearly directing foot traffic throughout your facility.

Check-Out Line Graphics:

Enforce appropriate social distancing in check-out lines.

Door Graphics:

Install caution/ warning signs for mandatory mask areas, and other reminders.


Have Your Trusted Kansas City Surface Graphic Experts Help You.

During this difficult time, safety is the number 1 concern in our Kansas City community. Because of this, we are proud to announce that we are offering free virtual consultation and maintaining operations during normal business hours. Do your part in protecting our Kansas City community with safety plans and social distancing graphics.

For more information on social distancing surface graphics and safety evaluations, please contact us!