Safety Film – A Safety Glass Alternative Solution

Kansas City is an amazing city full of vibrant people and gorgeous old houses. In fact, from Ferreview to Grandview and everywhere in between,  the streets and corresponding neighborhoods are lined with some of the most beautiful homes in Kansas. Many of these homes were built over a century ago and their age only adds to their charm. However,  one major drawback to these old homes, which many Kansas City homeowners need to address when they start to remodel is–out of code glass on their windows and doors.  This is because many windows in “hazardous” areas like bathrooms, balconies, around pools and at the end of stairways are required to have tempered glass to protect occupants.  Replacing windows with tempered glass is expensive and very, time-consuming and it will cut deep into any profit margin you may hope to garner from a remodel. This is why we, at Window Tint Kansas City, we offer safety window film in place of tempered glass to bring your Kansas City home up to code. Not only will you pass inspection with safety and security film –It is faster, cheaper, and has a myriad of fringe benefits that go along with it.


Probably the best thing about using safety window film in place of tempered glass is the cost. Tempered glass is very expensive and removing old glass is extremely time-consuming. Safety and security film can be applied in a single day and costs 50%-75% less.

Storm Protection

Safety film keeps your home’s glass and family protected in the case of earthquakes, and wind-related storms, like tornados with flying debris. It does this by stopping dangerous debris from flying around when a glass window shatters. Window safety film holds the broken glass in place.

Home Security

While window safety glass will not completely stop an intruder, it will slow them down! A big factor in home security is hindering an intruder and buying you more time to call 911, escape, get to a safe room and defend yourself. Security films are tear resistant and make the window much more difficult to penetrate and help hold glass fragments together after impact.

Don’t let your Kansas City home renovation get out of control and over budget because of the unplanned for addition of tempered glass, work around it with safety window film! Contact us at, Window Tinting Kansas City for a free, on-site estimate today!