Bird Strike Prevention Window Film

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Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Kansas City Homes and Businesses

Approximately one billion birds die each year in collision-related accidents in the United States. These collisions can be prevented with bird strike prevention window film. Bird collisions not only lead to avian fatalities, but they also can cause considerable glass damage and unsightly cleanups.

The Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film

Bird strike prevention film, also known as fritted window film, has subtle patterns throughout. These patterns create a reflective look that alerts birds that there’s a window or door there. Bird strike prevention window film offers exclusive benefits:

  • Prevents bird collisions
  • Reduces glass damage
  • Eliminates cleanup and maintenance
  • Promotes bird conservation
  • Affordable solution
  • Quick installation
  • Patterns are only visible when up close

Bird Strike Prevention for Kansas City Commercial Properties

High-rises can experience a significant rate of bird collisions. Many commercial properties are susceptible to these incidents, making bird strike prevention window film an excellent option. Bird strike prevention window film provides a great way to keep your property productive and comfortable.

Bird Strike Prevention for Kansas City Homes

Residences can also become prone to bird collision. This innovative window film is great for reducing these jarring events and keeping your home stress-free. Fretted window film can modernize your exterior without any major changes in aesthetics.

bird divert kansas city safety filmBird Divert

Bird Divert is a revolutionary solution designed to prevent bird collisions with glass windows in urban areas. This innovative product, invisible to humans but visible to birds, incorporates UV technology endorsed by experts like the American Bird Conservancy. With versatile applications, it helps protect bird populations while complying with local bird-friendly design laws.

Work with the Bird Strike Prevention Experts in Kansas City

We’re honored to provide leading bird strike prevention solutions. We have the most extensive collection of residential and commercial window films for preventing bird collisions. Work with our experts to find the right option for you.


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