C-Bond: Premium Window Primer and Glass Strengthening Agent for Kansas City Properties

C-Bond is the only patented, scientifically-proven solution that enhances the performance and durability of windows and window film. C-Bond offers high impact resistance, making specialty security film possible as well as offering a superior priming agent for window film installation.

About C-Bond Technology

C-Bond utilizes nanotechnology to penetrate glass at a molecular level, providing considerable strength and durability. C-Bond enhances product adhesion while improving the performance of both existing glass as well as window film. We always utilize C-Bond for every window film installation, ensuring quicker installations and better durability.

C-Bond Benefits for Kansas City Properties

C-Bond is a GSA-certified product that offers incredible protection for structures that need a high level of security. Adding C-Bond to your security film project amplifies the strength and durability of your existing glass.

  • High impact resistance
  • Defends against hail and stray golf balls
  • Protect against 140 mph winds
  • Achieve ballistic resistance
  • Create bomb blast protection

Ballistic-Resistant Security Film Systems With C-Bond

Ballistic resistant window film offers a lot of benefits, especially when incorporated into a comprehensive, tactical security protocol. This high-end technology offers incredible protection for all existing glass windows and doors. Commercial spaces can take advantage of this investment and even utilize tactical placement recommendations.

  • Slows down bullets that are 9mm or lower caliber
  • Provides additional response time
  • Helps deter intruders
  • Invisible, passive 24/7 protection
  • Includes all of the same benefits as standard security film
  • Includes bomb blast protection
  • Available with one-way shooting capabilities

Work with Kansas City’s Certified C-Bond Contractor

Window Tint Kansas City always uses C-Bond in every window film project to provide the best installation process and product longevity. Experience enhanced security benefits alongside premium adhesion. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!