Window Tint Climate Control

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How It Works

Climate control window tint utilizes the power of low-e technology to regulate the amount of heat that’s able to pass through your windows. It keeps your building cooler during the summer by blocking out heat causing infrared rays and makes your building warmer during the winter by reflecting radiant heat back in.

Save money on summer cooling costs.
Summer heat can take a toll on your utility bill and cause quite a bit of discomfort. But that’s why there’s climate control window tint. Climate control tint rejects up to 78% of solar heat, resulting in up to 20% savings on summer cooling costs.

Keep winter weather at bay.
Climate control window tint not only saves money during the summer, but it can also account for winter savings of 15-30%. Climate control tint increases the insulation of your windows by up to 92% allowing you to save money and stay comfortable no matter how cold it is outside.

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Solar Control in Kansas City

Kansas City’s Source for Climate Control Tint
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