When most people think of window film, they think about the blackish colored film that’s installed on car windows to keep out the sun. This is a normal and common thought as the word “tint” typically invokes the image of a dark colored plastic film. But this idea has lead to some common misconceptions in the window film industry. The truth is that modern day window films actually aren’t just used on vehicles and most of the time, they’re completely clear. Products like Vista and Llumar window tinting are commonly installed on Kansas City homes and residential properties due to their uv blocking, glare reduction, and energy saving capabilities.

Traditional Films Vs. High Quality Residential Window Tint

While many traditional window tints use dark dyes to block out the sun, the same is not true for higher quality window films. Cheaper window films are typically nothing more than thin sheets of polyester that are treated with dye. But higher quality window films like Vista and Llumar use better materials to achieve the same effect. These higher quality films integrate small particles that are reflective like ceramics and precious metals to keep heat out while allowing for maximum visible light transmission.

The result of using a higher quality film is better temperature control and hvac efficiency. Low quality films simply reflect the sun. High quality films filter the different spectrums of light and allow only certain types to enter the building. Visible light is passed freely through the film while uv radiation and infrared heat are instantly rejected. The benefit of this effect is a more comfortable, energy efficient structure.

In Kansas City, window films are commonly used by interior designers and architects for these reasons. Many building professionals recommend window tinting in order to protect valuable furnishings, artwork, and furniture from uv damage. In addition, they also typically help create a more comfortable, livable environment for a homeowner.

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