There’s nothing better than drawing back the curtains in your home to let the light in on a bright, sunny day. Having nice big windows in your home lets you enjoy views of the outdoors and plenty of sunshine.

But if you have overprotective pets, your windows may cause problems too, especially if your furry friends tend to bark a lot and scratch at the glass when they see animals or strangers.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by creating a little bit of privacy and protecting your windows. By installing security film for your Kansas City home, you can keep your windows safe from pet scratching, create privacy that helps keep pets calm, and protect your furry friend.

Privacy Film for Reactive Pets

Dealing with over reactive pets can be frustrating. If your dog barks at every little thing they see outside, you may feel like your only option is to keep your blinds or drapes closed. But this blocks out the beautiful sunlight and views you enjoy. Another option you may want to consider is installing privacy film for your Kansas City home. Privacy films that provide one way visibility can keep pets from seeing out while allowing the sunlight to still come into a home.

Protect Glass from Scratching with Security Films

Another great benefit of installing security film for your home if you have pets is that it can protect sliding glass doors and windows from scratching. If you have a pet that scratches at the door when they need to go outside or when they get excited, you may be worried about your windows getting scratched up and ruined.

By installing security film, you can protect the windows and doors in your home from pet scratching. Security films are thick and tear resistant, and are perfect for protecting glass as well as window frames. And if something unexpected happens, and a window is broken in your home, security film will help keep your pets safe and prevent them from stepping on broken glass.

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