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XPEL Window Films for Kansas City Homes & Buildings

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Window Tint Kansas City is proud to be the leading provider of XPEL Window Film in the Kansas City metro area, serving both Kansas and Missouri. XPEL produces some of the most innovative window films we’ve seen today, including incredible options for both commercial and residential buildings. Improve health and sanitation with their revolutionary anti-microbial film. Or use the VISION series to increase glass clarity while also amplifying energy efficiency and security. Whatever your goals may be, we’re confident that we can find an XPEL product that’s right for you!


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XPEL VISION Solar Window Films

Enjoy crystal clear views of the outdoors while protecting indoor spaces from the sun. XPEL VISION Window Films are designed to enhance glass clarity while filtering out harmful UV light and infrared rays. Save on energy costs and experience a tremendous difference in the comfort and temperature of your interior.


XPEL VISION Security Window Films

Take safety matters into your own hands. Feel confident knowing that your property is safe at all hours, regardless of whether you’re there or away. XPEL VISION Security Window Films increase the strength of fragile glass areas like patio doors, skylights, display cases, and more, making your space more secure than ever before.


XPEL RX Antimicrobial Films

As we rely more and more on touch screen devices in our homes and workplaces, sanitation is becoming increasingly important. XPEL RX Antimicrobial Films are specially designed to limit the spread of microbes and prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria. Use them on digital devices, handrails, doorknobs, and more to keep your space clean and healthy.


XPEL ULTIMATE Surface Protection Window Films

Surfaces like desks, counters, and tables are at greater risk of suffering damage like scratches, chips, and marks due to frequent use. Once these surfaces are damaged, you have to go through the expensive process of replacing them. Prevent damage before it happens by protecting surfaces with XPEL ULTIMATE Window Films.


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