3 Reasons Kansas City Property Managers Should Consider Installing Bomb Blast Window Film

Bomb blast window film may seem like an extreme measure to take on any property–especially those here in Kansas City.  We are lucky to live in a relatively safe city and hopefully, not one that will be the target of a bomb attack. However, as you probably know, terrorist strike at unlikely and seemingly random targets all the time, in fact, their mission is to make us feel unsafe anywhere we work, live and play.  So, by having bomb blast protection window film installed on your KC property, you stay one step ahead and ultimately don’t let terrorist control how you live your daily life because you have taken steps to prepare. There are a variety of other reasons to install window film that protects against bomb blasts too.

  Bomb Blast Window Film To Protect Against Bombs

From intentional explosions accidental ones there is a real risk every day that a bomb could threaten lives.  While attacks and accidents are rare, when they do occur, bomb blast window film works wonders to reduce glass-related injuries and save lives.  In the event of a bomb blast, Safety & Security Films reduces the impact energy, helps prevent glass shards from becoming projectiles and keeps the recovery time for your property to get up back and running lower.

Bomb Blast Window Film To Protect Against Bullets

While it is true that bomb blast window film greatly reduces the risks associated with a bomb attack or other explosion, it is also true that it works to stop injuries from bullets. Whether it is a stray bullet from the outside or an all-out attack, window film stops bullets from penetrating glass even after numerous rounds are fired.  This keeps injuries lower and in some cases gives those inside the building time to escape.

Bomb Blast Window Film As A Tempered Glass Alternative

Safety and security film means just that.  So, bomb blast window film works just as well against natural disasters and accidents as it does for intentional attack at the hands of humans.  After windows and other glass fixtures are treated with bomb blast film they stay in place after any blow from flying debris to when someone falls into them–like tempered glass.  Also, safety and security film is much less expensive than tempered glass and tends to stay in place better, making this type of film a great workaround for what could be pricey upgrades to get your building into code.

Read the PDF below for more information on bomb blast window film protection


For more information on how bomb blast window film works and to see if it might be a good fit to keep your Kansas City commercial property protected, contact us at  Window Tint Kansas City for information, pricing and to schedule a free consultation.

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