Window Tinting For Your Kansas City Home

Sometimes people come to us at Window Tint Kansas City with just one reason they are looking for window film for their home and nothing more.  And that is just fine with us, we are happy to help.   The reason people think they need tint is usually because of one specific issue like too much sun or high energy bills so their myopic focus is understandable. However, what most people don’t realize until we speak with them in detail, and what usually is the tipping point in their decision process, is that window film has many fringe benefits they did not think about.  In fact, window film pulls double, triple or even quadruple duty in regards to the benefits it provides.  Once potential clients see that window tint is good for many different issues, some they may not even realize they have, they are almost always more excited to buy than they were when we walked through their door.  It is these added values that make window film such a great purchase, with more to their function than meets eye.  Here are just a few of the “fringe” benefits homeowners who have window tinting installed enjoy and love!

Additional Benefits Of Window Tinting For Your Kansas City Home

WIndow Tint Means Lower Likelihood Of Break-Ins: There are millions of home break-ins each year in the US. Almost always these are crimes of opportunity-nobody is home and valuables are clearly visible.  Which is why tinting is so great for deterring these types of crimes. Tinted windows are harder to see through, so potential burglars won’t be able to determine if someone is home or see if there are valuables to make it worth their time.  This means they are more likely to pass over your Kansas City home, in favor of an easier target.

Window Tint Increases Curb Appeal: Tinted film makes your windows stand out from the other houses in your neighborhood. It is available in many different styles and patterns like frosted, etched, or patterned–all very attractive from the inside and out. The best part is tinted windows also adds value to your home, and could help you sell it faster and for a better price when you decide to put in on the market.

Window Tint Gives Better Protection Against Storms And Natural Disasters: During a storm, your home’s windows are in danger of breakage from high winds, flying debris, or even hail.  In Kansas, tornados are a real threat and windows are dangerous to be around during a tornado.  While there is no way to control the weather, you can provide additional protection for your home’s windows simply by having tint installed.  When/if impact occurs, window film holds glass together and makes it shatterproof, protecting you and your family from harm.

As you can see window film is more beneficial than meets the eye!  Contact Window Tint Kansas City for a free consultation and start reaping all the rewards of window tinting today!

Mike Kinsey has years of experience in project management and construction. As the Operations Manager for Window Tint Kansas City, he oversees all installs from start to finish. In addition to managing day to day operations, he is also the head of Sales and Customer Relations. Over the years, Mike has installed over 250,000 square feet of film. His experience ranges from residential window tinting to commercial projects for restaurants, hotels, office buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities and beyond. Mike's unsurpassed expertise and positive reputation make him one of the top professionals in his field. He and his team are trusted by property owners all throughout the Kansas City metro, including the areas of Olathe, Independence, Overland Park, Chesterfield, and beyond.