Kansas City is currently on an emergency issued “stay at home order”. With cases still on the rise, many states are considering extending these orders. During this time of emergency, stress is at an all time high for local Kansas City businesses and business owners. Hundreds of businesses are on limited operation, or completely shut down, leaving them more vulnerable than ever. Security film can provide your business with the protection it needs during this difficult time, and help give you piece-of-mind.

How Security Film Protects Your Business and Relieves Stress

If your business contains easily accessed valuables or equipment, while on limited operation or completely shut down, you may be at an increased risk for “smash and grab” burglary. While security systems are one of the most popular forms of security, they don’t do much to prevent “smash and grab” burglary. All security systems are reactive systems, meaning they only engage in response to en event that has already occurred. Even with the best security system, there is still a response time between the time of an event occurring and the police arriving on scene. This response time consists of the timer for disarming the system, the security company confirming there is a breach, contacting the police, and the time it takes for the police to arrive. Between all of these factors it may take anywhere between 15-20 minutes before police arrive; here is where security film comes in. Security film is a proactive system for preventing burglary, it is always working for you, it does not depend on other parties, and has zero response time. Instead of allowing burglars a few minutes to get in and out, security film won’t even let them in, or it will delay them enough for your security system to activate and the police to arrive. Adding Security film to your Kansas City business will help give you piece of mind, and it may even lower your insurance premiums.

Why NOW is The Best Time for Your Security Film Installation

Protecting your vulnerable business may be a good enough reason to get security film installed now, but installations have also never been easier. Although security film installation is a fairly simple and straight forward process, it can sometimes disrupt workflow. During installation, workers may need to temporarily relocate, and certain entry ways may need to be temporarily blocked off. An empty or partially operating business makes for high quality, quick, and non-disruptive installations.

If you are worried that your business may be at an increased risk for burglary, contact your local security film experts, Window Tint Kansas City, today!

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