How To Prevent Graffiti With Film In Kansas City

Graffiti is a problem for businesses across the United States and right here in Kansas City.  While we live in a beautiful city that is relatively safe and well controlled, businesses and sometimes even homeowners struggle with the everyday issues that arise as the result of vandalism.  Things like high repair costs, lengthy downtime for businesses and sinking property values are all the direct result of graffiti in our community. While you can’t stop vandals from attempting to deface your Kansas City property, there is something you can do to protect yourself against future attacks and maintain your good reputation as a business owner here is KC and that something is–have anti-graffiti film applied to the vulnerable areas of your property.

What Is Anti-Graffiti Film And How Does It Work?

Simply put, anti-graffiti film is a sacrificial layer (of film) that is applied over existing surfaces. It matches the finish of the surface it covers like mirror, metal, and glass–some of the most common areas vandals target.  Should the area be defaced, this relatively low-cost film is easily removed and replaced at a fraction of the cost of removing the graffiti and replacing/re-surfacing the area. This is especially great for areas like elevators or mirrors, which tend to be hard to monitor and even harder to restore from graffiti.   In cases like these, and many others, the amount of time and money spent replacing the film is significantly lower than the graffiti removal and remediation and can be done in as little as one day. Meaning a quick answer to a graffiti attack which saves your reputation and property value soundly intact.

Watch the video below for more information on anti-graffiti films:

Anti-graffiti Films Window Film Kansas City

Window Tint Kansas City For Your Graffiti Shield Needs

When it comes to solutions for graffiti on your Kansas City property, Graffiti Shield products are overwhelmingly effective.  And no one knows how to install this revolutionary product like us here at Window Tint Kansas City. Not only can we help you with metal, mirror and glass shield solutions, but we can also guide you through custom surface graffiti protection as well.  For more information how you can protect your Kansas City business from graffiti and a corresponding bad reputation, contact us today!


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