Even though we always tend to be more conscious of UV radiation during the summer, it actually is quite a prevalent concern all year-round. UV radiation causes permanent damage to property while causing significant health risks for Kansas City homeowners. In order to keep your loved ones and residential property protected from harmful UV rays, it is pertinent to find an effective UV blocking solution. UV blocking window film delivers a great way to keep your home and family members safe.

The Benefits of UV Blocking Window Film for Your Kansas City Home

  • Fade protection: UV blocking window film delivers comprehensive fade protection for all of your expensive belongings. Anything that’s within direct sunlight inside of your home can experience fading, discoloration, distortion, and reduced product lifespan. By blocking 99.9% of UV rays, your belongings will stay in the best condition possible.
  • Minimized health risks: Overexposure to UV radiation actually increases your risk of glaucoma, premature aging, skin cancer, immune system suppression, and much more. Individuals often don’t remember to wear sunscreen while indoors, making this an important solution for keeping your loved ones safe and healthy.
  • Money savings: Save money on repair and replacement costs as well as on potential healthcare. UV blocking window film can help you save significantly while gaining peace of mind.

Work with Kansas City’s Number One UV Blocking Window Film Contractor

Window Tint Kansas City is honored to be the number one UV blocking window film contractor serving the Missouri and Kansas area. We have the largest selection of UV blocking films that can also offer the advantages of energy efficiency, glare reduction, and much more. Our team is available for both in-person appointments and virtual consultations during our normal business hours.

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