Businesses throughout Kansas City can often experience daily wear-and-tear as well as vandalism for high foot traffic surfaces. Metal surfaces are typically used in commercial properties due to their durability but can become significantly damaged throughout the years or even quicker due to vandalism. These metal surfaces are very expensive to repair, usually requiring complete replacement of that part. With metal restoration, you can present the best impression of your business just in time for Spring.

The Advantages of Metal Restoration for Your Kansas City Business

Metal restoration is significantly more affordable than metal repair and replacement. Available at a fraction of the price, business owners can completely restore damaged surfaces by hiding scratches and daily wear-and-tear. Metal restoration is available in numerous finishes in order to perfectly match your original surfaces for seamless installation. By utilizing surface film, your metal surfaces will remain protected against further damage and any potential vandalism efforts. Surface film is meant to be a sacrificial layer that takes the force of any damage without harming your existing surfaces. The adhesive for this product is revolutionary, making the surface film completely tamperproof to the public yet easy to remove and replace by a professional. With custom-cut surface film ready to go for your property, simply contact us for quick removal and replacement.

Working with the Metal Restoration Experts for Kansas City Businesses

Window Tint Kansas City is honored to be the metal restoration experts serving the Kansas City area. We’ve worked with Graffiti Shield for years and understand this incredible product inside and out. Custom printing is also available for nontraditional surfaces that are prone to vandalism. In addition to metal restoration, we also provide mirror restoration services.

For more information regarding metal restoration and surface films for your Kansas City business, please contact us!