How Does Bomb Blast Window Film Protect Stadiums and Arenas

Here in KC, we have had a pretty good run of sports lately.  Our fans just love our teams too! Which is why they flock to our local stadiums and arenas to cheer on our winning teams.  We live in a safer city here too but, sadly, terrorist attacks happen at random and venues, like sports arenas that house a lot of people, are often targets.  This is where the most damage can be done. So for stadiums and arenas here in Kansas City bomb blast security film is a good idea as a way for teams and arena owners to keep fans safer.

 Bomb Blast Window Film Protects Against Bombs

In a world where terror strike at random and at any time, bomb-blast window film is the key to safety in large venues.  From sports stadiums to music arenas, fans are safer starts with bomb-blast window film–a technology that keeps the glass in windows intact—even after the magnitude of many bomb blasts.  This means shards lethal glass shrapnel stay adhered to the film rather than flying out and doing harm.

 Bomb Blast Window Film Protects Against Bullets

Bomb blast window film also protects bullets sprayed at innocent sports or concert attendees. These films, used in with C-bond adhesive and specialty window frames, keep a would-be attacker from immediately penetrating arena windows during an attack.  It takes multiple gunshots and more time for an attacker to get through the glass. This allows people inside more time to escape or hide and for authorities to arrive to stop the assault.

 Bomb Blast Window Film Protects Against Accidents

A more likely scenario than an attack on an arena are accidents–especially since drinking is always involved in games and shows. This is why safety glass is used in most public places, like stadiums, with big glass surfaces.  Bomb blast window is much like tempered glass, albeit more powerful. Should a rowdy fan trip and fall into the glass—the tiny pieces will stay adhered to the film—resulting in significantly less bodily harm.

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